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Important- do not read this if you are easily bored and just want to see the girls- go straight to the warning in red, below.

This site brings you every day (though we hope you'll agree pretty) wives, girlfriends and students (and now Milfs). All the pictures were taken in the UK, most of the girls in fact being students studying here. Some are British, though some were foreign students from countries including The United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa (having contacts with one or two universities is a great way to meet some really horny students).

The models we chose for this site mostly have one thing in common- they expressed an interest in men (and other girls and couples!) being able to contact them. This may be because the girls want to make sex contacts, because they like to hear what you think of their pictures (and what you'd like to do to them), or both. At the very least these kinky sluts get wet reading mails about what you're imagining doing to them. We include a few pictures of each girl as a taster, plus links to their individual sites. Most of the girls have also recounted a kinky sex story about an erotic event in their lives, which we reproduce on their sites for you to read. In fact, Abigail told us of two sexy events in her life. You'll find one on her site (Free Sex Diner) and the other on the following two pages of this site.

Perhaps you can help us? Any exhibitionist ladies who'd like to have their naked form viewed by thousands of men, please e-mail the Webmaster on the link below. A sexy story would help. Likewise, any men who'd like to treat us all to seeing their wives (perhaps ex-wives as well?) nude, e-mail us the snaps.

New inside- Readers Wives

This site includes explicit photos. Those who may be offended, or are under 18 (or other age depending on your state/ country of residence) should leave now.

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richardsrealm  which is a superb link site, commented that this site is slow to load and takes bloody ages to find the girls, but is well worth the trouble! It actually felt rather good for me to see that, because I'm happy to see the adverse comments so I can correct the problems. I'm also happy to see the bit about worth the trouble, because I take pride in my content - all of the photos I take myself (except wives pics) as well as being the person charged with constructing the sites. I like to think the photos are of a better standard than many out there. I know there's still plenty of room for improvement- a better camera will help. My Contax SLR takes great pictures, but it takes ages scanning them in, so nowadays I use a cheap, crappy (is that how you spell crappy?) Olympus digital. Are you still with me? You're patient. So, to get back to the point. The bit about slow to load I'll sort out as soon as I get time, I am aware of it (note, February 2003. I've compressed the photos more with a special program which does that without significant loss of quality. If its still too slow, hard cheese). But my priority at the moment is to develop more sites and more links so I can earn enough money to have a holiday each year and upgrade the 1991 Skoda Favorite (bloody good car actually, as long as you don't mind the fact that not all the doors and windows open). I do hope I'm not going on. The bit about takes ages to find the girls is what this link is about. If you click on it you'll go straight to the page containing thumbnails to each of the girls galleries. Unfortunately, if you do you'll miss a great picture of Fanella kneeling forward with her legs really wide, stuffing a vibrator up her ass. So it'll serve you right for not being more patient. In actual fact, you could draw the conclusion from that comment that I ramble on a bit. I don't think I'm at all verbose, however. Or perhaps I am. You see it all started when I was following a correspondence course to be a Visual Basic programmer. In view of the amount of typing involved, I decided to teach myself to touch type. So perhaps that's why I'm now full of typed (as opposed to verbal) diarrhea. Now that words really easy to spell in Spanish (diarrea), because Spanish is phonetic. Its a bastard in English, though. Its actually as a result of that course that I'm now doing the best job in the world, constructing adult sites. In other words I get paid to watch girls take their clothes off. Problem is the money's not as good as it used to be. I spent three years (part time whilst working to feed the family) learning to write VB. programs, construct Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and all that bollocks. I'm qualified up to my armpits, including an MCP( Microsoft Certified Professional). Only to find out no bastard would employ me until I had some experience, and I couldn't get any experience until I got a job. Ho-hum. So I started constructing the adult sites using Dreamweaver, about which I know piss- all. So I hope the site doesn't look too bad. I am learning, day by day, and things are improving, I hope. You know, it just occurred to me in the time I just wasted writing this missive, I could have sorted out the problem with the slow loading. But there's never enough time in the day, is there. Today's problems started when I had to clean up after the cat was sick, then my mother came over unexpectedly...

Update February 2003. I've had to go back to real work. The sites are now a weekend thing. So please spend lots of money with my sponsors so I can get back to enjoying myself looking at nude women instead of having to work for a living. By the way, anyone out there interested in buying my 1991 Skoda for just $500,000? Once I'm famous it'll be worth more, honest. I'll ship it anywhere in the world for that price.

Update April 2005. About time I added something else. And I can't be bothered to alter all that crap I wrote above. By the way, I've now got a 1996 Skoda which keeps breaking down. As I love to always have the alternative view to the rest of the world, I'll assume the old one was good because it was built before VW had too much to do with Skoda. The new one's crap because VW have spoilt all that Skoda reliability. However, all doors and windows work (though central locking's patchy), which means I can always get in and out whenever I'm waiting for the breakdown truck. I got £15 for the old one in the end (about $25).

Update June 2007. I don't know what I was talking about before. After the initial problems, the 1996 skoda gave 50,00 miles of basically trouble free motoring. Of course, the central locking partially packed up and the rearview mirror fell off, etc. I told a little unfair joke about VW, because I've now got a 2000 version exactly the same. Everything works, except the engine temperature sender which I've now fixed. I've broken the old one for spare parts- they're worth so little the parts were worth more than the car. So lots of bits of old Skoda are now serving a double purpose in that they're holding the shed roof on whenever it gets windy. I suppose it means I'll have to fix the shed once I start using the bits though...

July. Had a puncture last night. Mary had scrounged a lift home. Lucky for me this time. Car felt like it wanted to keep death off the road- i.e. kept trying to pull over to the pavement (footway/ sidewalk) on the left. Stopped and checked, front near- side tyre (yes, Brits drive on the left of course, just like Australians, New Zealenders, South Africans, Indians, Japanese, and a suprising amount of other nations, including the Peruvians when driving on the left if it will save any time. They also drive on the right and down the middle). Nearly flat. So I booted Mary out at the bust stop (just noted my typo, Freudian slip) 20 meters from home, went back and changed the tyre. Didn't even have to open the boot (trunk), just took one of the wheels off the shed roof. If you wondered about the reference to Peru, my wife's Peruvian. I wish she'd let me put some pictures of her on the site. She's still a looker, and she was a stunner when we met. You can see a clothed one of her though at

November. Its terrible how rarely I update this site. Now I'm spending more time on my sites again (I'm sick of the day job, and I'm determined to get back to being an Adult Webmaster again). There's a nudist Night Club in London once a month, called Starkers. Being exhibitionist myself, I wanted to go along and have the chance to dance in the all together. So I joined their Yahoo Group. Shortly after, a lady posted to the group, saying how much she loves to be naked. So I contacted her and offered to construct a site for her for free. We agreed to go back to her flat after we'd met up and danced a little at the club. Shells is a Milf who certainly enjoys showing her body off. She loved dancing nude on the dance floor (yes, it was nudist night). Each time I followed her up one of the stair cases in the club, I'm not sure who enjoyed it most. I loved watching her superb ass rotating in front of me. And she obviously enjoyed knowing I was staring at it. Go to her site here... Stells Site ...and send her a polite but sexy email about what you'd like to do with her. If you'd like your own site, follow the link to my site mentioned above,

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